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Abusaki.com was created to assist online shoppers but most of all we are here to assist you save money when shopping online with promotional discount coupon codes, rebates, hot deals, closeouts, promotions, free shipping offers, giveaways, freebies with purchases and lots more, hence our slogan,

Don’t Pay Full Price when shopping online. Why pay full price when shopping online, you get more with the extra cash you save.

Abusaki.com was founded in 2000 when I lived in New York.

It was founded out of the need to be able to shop online with ease and comfort without dragging my kids through the crowded malls and having to be home on time to get dinner ready as well.
I wanted to be able to shop and have choices of different stores with the click of the mouse, especially when the kids where taking their naps.

Shopping online proved to have one MAIN challenge for me, Shipping Costs, so to offset the costs of shipping, I had to find deals offering a Percentage off, Money off or Free Shipping. I love to buy Good Quality items without having to pay Full Price for them, if I have the choice. I also searched for Manufacturers offering Free Samples of their products for you to try before buying so in the beginning, Abusaki.com offered Freebies but the merchants offering Freebies seem to dwindle after a while and replaced them with Deals and Offers.

So 10 years later, Abusaki.com is still offering it’s visitors; Coupon Codes, Free Shipping Offers, and Great Deals from your Favorite Merchants. You can stay in your Pj’s and shop online while saving, then you can have time to spend with your Family and Friends.

Abusaki is my middle name, the “KI” which ends my name means I am the first daughter to be born amongst my siblings. I love my middle name so much I decided to name my site after it, especially because it has a unique meaning, I love my first name also which is Dorette, although not as much as Abusaki

Hope you enjoy our service and recommend us to your family and friends. Let us know how we can also improve our site for easier use for you.


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